The descriptions below are there to give you a basic understanding of how an aroma may be interpreted. 
However, this is by no means a definitive description as each nose tends to interpret aroma quite differently.
As such we make no warranty or guarantee that you will concur with these scent descriptions.

Almond -The sweet scent of almond with a cherry like top note and a smooth finish. 
Amaretto Tiramisu - Amaretto espresso, cocoa powder, Madeira, ladyfingers, mascarpone and heavy cream. Absolutely decadent! 
Amazed in Grace -Our version of the Philosophy favorite, Amazing Grace. Clean and delicate, notes of Jasmine, Violet and Rose blend with a sexy sheer Musk. 
Amber -A woodsy, warm and mysterious fragrance, with a hint of the orient. 
Amber Romance -A sensuous blend of sandalwood, musk, amber and vanilla. 
Amber Rose - The heart of a true red rose is enhanced by a splash of vibrant Bergamot resting on a bed of Patchouli and with a dry down of beautiful, rich Amber.
Angel Food Cake -Delicious cake blend of creamy vanilla, hazelnut and coconut! 
Angel's Trumpet -A clean, sweet floral that tends to be popular year round! 
Angel Type (W) -The very popular Theirry Mugler duplication. 
Apple Cider -A crisp blend of juicy apples with just a hint of spice. 
Apple Jack & Peel -A luscious blend of red apple, cinnamon, clove and orange. 
Apricot Freesia -Upbeat blend of Apricot and Freesia that will energize your senses.
Autumn Afternoon – A clean blend of herbs and fresh air. Wonderful masculine scent. 
Autumn Harvest -A delicious fall blend ... hints of cranberry, spices and autumn citrus. 
Avalanche - An exclusive blend of silver eucalyptus and mint - a refreshing sensation. 
Baby Powder -A powdery, soothing scent that brings to mind warm skin and hugs.
Baby's Graceful - A powdery soft clean blend of Poppy, Green Accord, Pink Mimosa, Pepper, Creamy White Woods and Musk. 
Bamboo Teak -An earthy blend of bamboo and teak wood. Fabulous! 
Banana Coconut -Delicious fresh banana with a hint of coconut. 
Banana Cream -A mouth-watering banana fragrance. Bananas, creamy vanilla and cinnamon. 
Banana Cream Pie -A creamy combination of banana, vanilla, cinnamon and pie crust. 
Bayberry -The standard Holiday favorite. 
Bay Rum -The traditional man's fragrance, invigorating and masculine, with spice notes. 
Bergamot -Fresh sweet citrus tones, enchanced with hints of tangerine. 
Bermuda Bliss -An incredible blend of canteloupe, honeydew, and watermelon. Top notes of citrus and a hint of juicy apples complete this yummy fragrance! 
Berries & Cream -Delicious blend of strawberries, raspberries and fresh cream. 
Birthday Cake -Delicious aroma of a freshly baked birthday cake covered with creamy frosting! 
Black Amber Musk - Warm spicy notes of Black Amber, Clove, Nutmeg, Musk. Perfect for gentlemen, and ladies love it too!
Black Cherry -The dark, rich aroma of juicy Bing cherries. 
Black Raspberry Vanilla -Mouth watering blend of ripe raspberries, sweet plums and creamy vanilla! 
Black Tie -An elegant sensuous blend of Black Peppercorn, Leather, Woods, Patchouli, Musk and Citrus. A must have!
Blackberry Sage Tea -Juicy blackberries, blended with aromatic sage tea for a soothing aroma with a touch of fruitiness. 
Blueberry Muffin -Mouth watering muffins smothered with fresh blueberries. 
Blues n Sugar -A blast of toasted caramelized sugar, Cedar, Warm Tonka Bean melds with a heart of Patchouli, Licorice, French Lavender, Heliotrope, and Coriander. Bottom notes of Italian Bergamot and Mandarin get a zing from Star Anise and Fresh Ginger. An Aquolina duplicate beyond compare! 
Brown Sugar -Sweet brown sugar, rich and fragrant. 
Brute -Our version of the Faberge classic Brut is back! This wonderful complex herbal blend has all the favorites: Sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean, vanilla, with sweet florals of geranium, ylang ylang and jasmine at the heart.Lavender, bergamot, anise, lemon and basil round out the top notes. 
Butter Cookie -A wonderful aroma of vanilla cookie dough with butter brickle. 
Buttercream -The ultimate blend of fresh butter and heavy sweet cream that you find in the best bakery frostings! 
Buttermint- -Remember those delicious buttery little pastel mints? 
Buttered Vanilla -Sweet vanilla topped with rich creamery butter. 
Butterscotch -Smooth, buttery and rich. 
Butterscotch Vanilla -Lip smacking butterscotch and creamy vanilla create this delicious fragrance. 
Calla Lily – just like the flower.
Cappuccino Coffee -Vanilla and cocoa beans blended with rich coffee. 
Caramel -That yummy gooey candy filling, creamy and decadent. 
Carnation -The sweet scent of a frilly carnation. 
Caribbean -A tropical paradise blend of coconut, fresh sliced pineapple, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 
Caribbean Coconut -A sweet coconut blend fresh from the tropics. 
Cedar - A warm earthy scent of cedar with base notes of vanilla and musk.
Cedarwood Amber - This warm earthy fragrance contains top notes of bergamot, lavender and coriander, with bottom notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, amber and musk
Chamomile -The calming, hypnotic scent of the chamomile flower will instantly melt your tensions away. 
Cherry - Fresh and fruity like a cherry lifesaver. 
Cherry Almond - Cherries blended with sweet almond oil. A terrific blend of fruit and nut! 
Cherry Blossom -Delightful spring blossoms perfectly enhanced with succulent cherries. 
Cherry Pipe Tobacco -The rich strong aroma of cherrywood, raspberry, vanilla and tobacco bring recreate your favorite pipe on a cool evening. 
China Rain -A fresh, clean aroma with top notes of rose petals, middle notes of wisteria and cyclamen, with bottom notes of sandalwood and vanilla. 
Chocolate -The name says it all! 
Chocolate Cherry -Think of chocolate and fresh cherries ... Yum! 
Chocolate Chip Cookies -Yummy freshly baked cookies with semi-sweet chocolate chips and vanilla. 
Chocolate Covered Cherries -A decadent delight! Sweet maraschino cherries draped in rich chocolate. 
Chocolate Mint -Rich cocoa offset with a sprig of mint to add cool, crisp edge to it. 
Chocolate Raspberry -The best of both worlds – sinful, milk chocolate and the tart, juicy scent of raspberries. 
Cinnabun -Yummy sugary glaze and cinnamon blend. 
Cinnamon -True cinnamon spice. 
Cinnamon Bun -Cinnamon and sugar with a touch of that wonderful, fresh-baked dough aroma and a sweet glaze. 
Cinnamon Vanilla -Delicious vanilla cream and a pinch of ground cinnamon. 
Citrus Splash – Tantalizing juicy blend of orange, grapefruit, cassis, pineapple and vanilla, Grapefruit, Cassis, Pineapple, Vanilla
CK One Scene type - Great blend of Citrus, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Amber. Wonderful Calvin Klein duplicate. 
Clean type - Our version of the popular D'Lish fragrance.A fresh and fabulous combination of orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium and white musk. 
Clean for Men – This scent blends citrus aromatics with that just out of the shower freshness.
Clean Laundry -A sweet outdoorsy scent kissed by a fresh breeze. 
Coconut - Fresh Coconut Scent. 
Coconut Bay Rum - A swaggering, sweet and spicy scent perfect for the men. 
Coconut Cream Pie -Fresh coconut and creamy vanilla blend together in this delicious scent. 
Coconut Lime Verbena -A harmonious blend of sweet coconut, zesty lime and aromatic verbena. 
Coffee Mocha -Aromatic Coffee blend enhanced with a rich mixture of cocoa. 
Cookies & Cream -Warm cookies smothered in cool whipped cream create this sinful fragrance. 
Coolwater Men type -A light brush of florals grounded in musk, oakmoss and sandalwood. Cool and refreshing. 
Cool Mountain Lake - The ultimate water scent with the freshness of a cool, icy mountain lake.
Cotton Bouquet -A sweet floral with jasmine, violets, and lavender with a smooth clean background. 
Cotton Candy -That light sugary scent that takes you back to childhood memories. 
Country Apple -A beautiful blend of apple, peach, lime, and musk. 
Cranberry Spice -A fabulous blend of tart cranberries with a touch of sugar and cinnamon. 
Crθme Brulee -Rich, decadent caramel, vanilla cream and burnt sugar create this delicious blend. 
Cucumber Melon -Crisp fresh cucumber blended with mouth-watering juicy melons. 
Daffodil -A floral bouquet of lilac, rose, and jasmine topnotes and sweet musky orangeflower. 
Desire - This scent exudes masculinity, blending mandarin, pepper, cypress, ebony wood, leather, amber, and musk.
Double Chocolate – Creamy dark chocolate meets rich milk chocolate in this decadent blend.
Dragon's Blood - Earthy, masculine scent with a hint of spice! 
Drakkar type - Just like the popular men's fragrance. 
Dreamsicle -A yummy combination of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream. 
Ed Hardy for Men type - Masculinity abounds with this unique blend of bergamot, mandarin, fresh mint and clary sage, musk, wood and tonka bean.
Egg Nog -A decadent fragrance of rich cream, egg, and a touch of nutmeg. 
Egyptian Musk -A clean, light musk with a hint of mystery. 
Egyptian Sandalwood -You'll love this popular earthy, light musky, semi-sweet fragrance. 
English Rose -A true light rose. 
Eucalyptus – The unique pungent scent is definitely close to a true menthol.
Eucalyptus Spearmint – The sharpness of eucalyptus is softened and mellowed by refreshing spearmint.
Fall In Love -Our duplicate of Philosophy's Falling In Love. A blend of sweet vanilla top notes, with a floral heart and a blackberry musk base with a touch of amber. 
Fireside - An intoxicating blend of cedarwood, sandalwood, leather, rich amber and cashmere musk.
Flowering Dogwood -Sweet floral blend of jasmine, violet, and plumeria with an undertone of sandalwood and musk. 
Forest Pine – That energizing distinctive pine scent so welcomed at the holidays.
Frangipani -A lush, sweet Hawaiian floral - tropical and clean fragrance that is unique and loved by many. 
Frankincense-Myrrh -Deep, musky scent with warm overtones of Amber resin and Myrrh beauty. 
Freesia -A clean, crisp, fresh floral. 
French Vanilla -Vanilla, only richer! This is vanilla with a hint of egg custard. 
French Vanilla Coffee -A sugary vanilla aroma with just the right amount of fresh brewed coffee. 
Fresh Cut Grass -A fresh clean hint of the great outdoors and a freshly mowed lawn. 
Fresh Cut Roses -The still dewy, full blooming aroma of roses fresh from the garden. 
Fresh Lemon -Finally, the purist's lemon, blended with absolutely...NOTHING! Just pure, fresh squeezed lemons. 
Fruit Punch -A sweet, summery mix of fresh fruit juices ... Smells just like the popular 'Island Punch'! 
Fudge Brownie -A delectable blend of dark fudge, and sweet chocolate. 
Garden Mint -A soft mint, like mint julep sprigs with a soft fruity topnote. 
Garden of Paradise -Sweet tropical fruits blended with the soft blush of jasmine and rose. 
Gardenia -Fresh floral bouquet of white flowers. 
Gardenia Lily -The fresh floral aroma of summer time gardenias and elegant lilies. 
Gingerbread -Fresh baked gingerbread fragrance! A blend of ginger, sugar and cinnamon. 
Ginger Peach -A delightful balance of warm ginger essence and ripe juicy peaches! 
Ginseng -An aromatic, subtle spice from the orient that is green and herbal. Similar to sweet tea leaves. 
Glow J Lo -A luscious blend of rose, lily and musk. 
Grape -Fragrant, sweet grape aroma ... evoking memories of delicious childhood grape popsicles! 
Green Irish Tweed -Our version of Creed's award winning fragrance. Mysore sandalwood, ambergris, violet leaves, french verbena and florentine iris have made this the favorite of the stars for many years. 
Green Tea -The oriental tea, with more depth and an herbal scent with a bit of zest to it. 
Happy Type (W) -This Clinque duplication is a feminine combination of floral jasmine, lily of the valley and carnation. 
Hawaiian Breeze -An island blend with tropical fruit notes of orange, pineapple, peach and strawberry combined with light florals. 
Hawaiian Isle -A great blend of coconuts and pineapples. 
Heather -A delicate floral swirled in the mists of Scottish moors. 
Heavenly Musk -A subtle musk that both men and women love.
Honey Ale - The Honey base hosts a wonderful blend of Ripe Strawberries, Sweet Apple, Grape Concord, Sparkling Citrus and Spiced Vanilla, Fruity, sweet and definitely a fragrant aroma.
Honeysuckle -Fresh honeysuckle blend. 
Hot Apple Pie -Apple, cinnamon baked fresh aroma just out of Grandma's kitchen. 
Hot Cocoa -Steaming hot cocoa, rich and chocolatey! 
Hot Orange Danish -Fresh from the oven scent, you can smell the baked Danish, orange zest, and creamy icing! 
Hyacinth -The unique sweetness of hyacinth flowers. 
Hydrangea -Just like a hydrangea in full bloom. 
Hydrogen – Apple, grapefruit, peach and greenery mix with soft floral middle notes, rounded off with base notes of sandalwood, amber and raspberry musk.
Intuition for Men -Excellent dupe of the Estee Lauder fragrance. A sensuous blend of Musk, Cedarwood and Sandalwood! 
Irish Cream -Robust coffee with a touch of Irish Cream liqueur. 
Issey Miyake Mens type -Aquatic notes with citrus and spice. A refreshing scent grounded with amber and musk. 
Jasmine -Sweet tropical flower blend. 
Jasmine & Rose -A popular blend of sweet jasmine and lovely rose. 
Juicy Strawberry – Luscious fruity strawberries, not overly sweet.
Juniper Breeze -Clean and natural fragrance blend of juniper and sweet summer flowers!
Just Peachy – Like a juicy ripe peach.
Lavender -The soft floral lushness of lavender. 
Lavender Fields -Gentle Lavender with a hint of greenery. 
Lavender Rose -The unique fragrance of lavender blended with subtle rose tones.
Lavender Vanilla -The soft floral lushness of lavender and creamy vanilla.
Leather - Fresh tanned leather enhanced with a hint of saddle soap. 
Lemon Chiffon -The sweet tang of lemons softened with a whipped creamy vanilla scent. 
Lemon Pound Cake -The sweet tang of lemons joined with the delicious aroma of warm pound cake. 
Lemongrass Mint -A fresh natural combination of Lemongrass and refreshing Spearmint. 
Lemongrass Sage -A combination of the great outdoors and herbal sage. 
Lemon Verbena -A lovely blend of lemon and grassy herbals kissed with a floral note. 
Lick Me All Over -A fruity tropical blend of cherries, pineapple, orange and vanilla. 
Lilac -The heady scent of full springtime blooms. 
Lily of the Valley -The delicate white-green floral of Spring. 
Lime -Sharp, citrusy green lime. 
Lime Mint -A refreshing blend of lime and sweet mint. 
Little Black Dress – Bottom notes of White Carnation and blood orange ground the fabulous heart notes of sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, and a kiss of patchouli. The top notes give a hint of toasted vanilla bean and whiffs of vetiver, amber and the tiniest touch of Egyptian musk.
Lolita Lempicka type (W) -A lovely blend of pineapple, rose, lemon and vanilla. Fresh and romantic! 
London for Men type - A great duplicate of the perfect Burberry fragrance. Bergamot, fresh juniper, jasmine and patchouli combine to create a timeless elegant scent for the sophisticated gentleman.
Love Spell type -A fragrant blend of summer flowers and orange. 
Magnolia -The sweet smell of a warm Southern afternoon. 
Mango -The smooth tropical fruit – peachy, sweet with a hint of citrus. 
Mango Papaya -A brilliant combination of these two tropical fruits. 
Masculine Musk – A true man’s musk; a little smoky, not sweet.
Mayan Gold - Patchouli, Plumeria and Sweet Orange meet in this exotic blend. 
Mimosa -A subtle aroma of the delicate mimosa flower. 
Monkey Poots -Fresh bananas, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, bubble gum and a smidgen of vanilla make this a favorite! 
Musk -Classic masculine scent with a powdery top note. 
Nag Champa -A warm sensual Oriental aroma. Patchouli and earth with a touch of forest. 
Oakmoss -Musky with green notes and a touch of woodiness. 
Oatmeal Milk & Honey -A great oatmeal scent with warm cream and soothing honey. 
Old Spice typr -The traditional men's favorite. 
Orange Blossom -A bit of orange with a bold clean white floral top note. 
Orange Burst -Sweet juicy oranges in a rejuvenating, uplifting scent. 
Orchid -An intoxicating fantasy blend ... Delicate, Sweet and very exotic! 
Orchid Rain - This beautiful orchid meshes with ozone and a light powdery touch.
Passion Flower -Sweeter than the southern florals with a lighter touch. 
Patchouli -The musky choice of the 60's is back. 
Peach -Reminiscent of juicy, ripe peaches, right off the tree! 
Peaches & Cream -The juicy summer fruit sliced into fresh rich cream. 
Pearberry -A great blend of clean pear and juicy plump berries.
Pear Glace - A delightful fruity blend of pear nectar, cassis and violet. A VS duplication.
Peony -A wonderful lush sweet floral with an oriental feel. 
Peppermint -Cool, sweet, traditional Peppermint 
Pina Colada -Delicious aroma of coconuts, pineapple and rum. Just like the real thing! 
Pineapple Paradise -Like a fresh juicy pineapple. 
Pineapple Tangerine -A tantalizing fragrance of sweet juicy pineapples and fresh succulent tangerines! 
Pink Grapefruit -Fresh exhilarating, wake-me-up scent blended with a hint of sweetness. 
Pink Sugar type -A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks. 
Plumeria -A clean floral with a whisper of summer breezes. 
Pumpkin -The robust, creamy spice of pumpkin. 
Pumpkin Pie -Creamy pumpkin, holiday spices and toasty, fresh-baked crust. Yum! 
Purely Graceful -Our version of the Philosophy favorite, Pure Grace. Bergamot, Water Lily, Lavender and Jasmine combine with cool greens and frosty musk in this fresh sophisticated fragrance. 
Raspberry Cream -The decadent tartness of raspberries swimming in rich cream. 
Raspberry Lemonade -Terrific blend of sweet raspberries, plump lemons, sugar and creamy vanilla. 
Raspberry Patchouli -Earthy notes of Patchouli blend with sweet ripe raspberries. 
Red Hot Cinnamon -Fiery fragrance that smells just like those hot little candies, with a big punch! 
Rice Flower & Shea -A rich bouquet of fruit and flowers on an alluring base of musk and creamy vanilla notes. 
Rich Citrus Cream -A scrumptious blend of Citrus, Orange and Vanilla. 
Rose Garden -Breathe deep and take in this beautiful aroma of roses and summer flowers. 
Rosemary Mint -Crisp blend of rosemary, garden herbs and fresh mint. Wonderful herbal fragrance. 
Roses & Creme -This very pink rose and vanilla blend is a dreamy bouquet of sweetness. 
Rum Spice - A melodious blend of potent rum mixed with sweet tropical spices.
Rustic Woods and Rum - Warm and smoky, Hay, Sandalwood and Cinnamon combine with white Citrus and Ginger,layered with Rum, Birch and Tobacco. 
Sandalwood - Strong aromatic Oriental wood favored by men and women alike. 
Sandalwood Musk - These two popular fragrances have joined together in an aromatic delight. 
Sandalwood Rose - Sandalwood, baby roses and a hint of musk make this fragrance irresistible!
Sandalwood Vanilla - Aromatic sandalwood softened with homey vanilla. 
Sex In the Shower - Fun and fruity; orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla go wild! 
Sexy Sandalwood – A touch of Amber and woody undertones added to earthy Sandalwood makes this fragrance so appealing!
Shave and a Haircut - Barbershop aromas blend with aromatic spices and orange zest.
South Seas – Aromatic notes of Ocean, Sea Moss and vetivert will transport you.
Spellbound Woods – Mesmerizing blend of Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedarwood and a hint of florals. Very masculine!
Sparkling Citrus Champagne - Oranges, apples, lime and champagne mixed together for a sweet, sparkling treat 
Stargazer Lily - A sensual lily fragrance with a hint of mystery from the Orient. 
Strawberries & Champagne -This fragrance was made for romance, combining juicy strawberries with grape and sparkling wine. 
Strawberry Cheesecake - Creamy delectable cheesecake with a sweet strawberry sauce. 
Strawberries & Cream -Tart juicy strawberries drenched in cool rich cream. 
Stress Relief- -A potent blend of neroli, eucalyptus, spearmint, and orange. 
Sugar Cookie -Sweet sugary aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies. 
Sunflower - A tall Sunflower reaching for summer warmth. 
Sun Ripened Raspberry - Juicy red raspberries with a touch of tartness and subtle floral topnotes. 
Sweetgrass - The clean aroma of fresh cut grass, clover with a hint of wisteria. 
Sweet Pea - Delicate garden flower with a peachy undertone. 
Tangerine Dream - Uniquely elegant orange based floral medley. 
Tea Tree - The well known pungent herbal scent of the melaleuca plant. 
Tiger Lily - The fresh smell of exotic Tiger Lilies. 
Toasted Marshmallow - Amazing aroma of fluffy marshmallows lightly toasted over a campfire! 
Tuberose - A luxurious white floral with lush tropical blossoms.
Tuscan Cypress – Clean and natural, mixed evergreens are enhanced by a sprinkle of spice.
Twigs & Berries – Imagine a deep forest and the fragrant berries growing within. 
Vanilla - Sweet creamy, pure vanilla scent. 
Vanilla Coconut - A perfect marriage of Vanilla and Coconut. 
Vanilla Cream - Rich creamy Vanilla with a hint of sweetness. 
Vanilla Lace - A beautiful blend of French and African Vanilla, sweet flowers and musk. 
Vanilla Mint - Absolutely delicious blend of rich vanilla with a refreshing burst of cool mint. 
Vanilla Oak - A wonderful woodsy blend of Vanilla, Oak, Cedar, Patchouli and Musk. Definitely NOT the ultra sweet baking Vanilla. 
Vanilla Pear - A sophisticated blend of French vanilla and juicy sun ripened pears. 
Vanilla Silk - A warm luscious aroma of creamy vanilla. 
Very Sexy for Men - Bergamot, Sandalwood and musk combine in this sensual scent. 
Vetyver - This blend of Lemon, Woods, Vetivert, and Sandalwood is wonderful for the men and ladies! 
Victorian Christmas - Clean green pine notes, mid notes of rum fruitcake and top notes of clean soft florals create this absolutely gorgeous holiday aroma! 
Victorian Rose - A fresh garden rose mix of English and Victorian roses. 
Violet - An elegant floral aroma, fresh as a field of violets. 
Warm Vanilla Sugar - Scrumptious blend of of Brown Sugar, Vanilla, and Musk. 
White Ginger and Amber - A fragrance blend of musk, amber and white flowers. 
Wildflowers - Freesia, Jasmine, Magnolia and Lilac drifting on the breeze of a summer night. 
Wisteria - A heady combination of sweet summer flowers. 
Ye Olde Barbershop - Heart notes of Amber and Rum with a hint of Musk and Bay. 
Ylang Ylang - The ultimate floral, soft and sweet with a note of jasmine. 
Yuzu - Yuzu is a Japanese grapefruit. Think of white grapefruit with that tart, juicy bite.